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Accounting Limited Liability Partnerships

A limited liability partnership is a substitute, legitimate structure. Limited liability partnerships are business structures discovered almost like regular partnerships. The most important distinction between a daily partnership and a limited liability partnership is that limited liability partnerships provide liability protection for owners protecting their personal assets. Accounting strategies for limited liability partnerships are pretty much the same as strategies used when accounting for regular partnerships.

An accountant prepares financial statements. The 3 statements are the financial statement, record and Statement of Owner’s Equity. For an LLP, the primary 2 statements are the clone of alternative business structures. For an Owner’s Equity Statement with an LLP, the only distinction is that this statement breaks down every owner’s investment in the business on an individual basis. It states every owner’s investment at the start of the amount and it adjusts that balance based on investments, withdrawals, financial gain or losses.

A limited liability partnership should have a proper agreement between the partners so the restricted and general partners will be clearly known. For tax functions, this arrangement may be a flow-through entity, wherever the partners are liable for paying financial gain taxes, instead of the entity.

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