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Confirmation Statement Guidance

Our staff also make sure the filing is done on time and we’re aware that failing to do so will lead to serious consequences on your behalf as well as ours, for you being penalized and for us a bad reputation.

The purpose of the confirmation statement is to verify that necessary company knowledge registered at firms House and displayed on the general public register is correct and up to now. If any data continued record is inaccurate or out of date once the confirmation statement is due, the corporate ought to update the knowledge on the relevant separate type beforehand, or at the constant time as delivering the confirmation statement.

The confirmation statement is a lot of simple than the annual come back as a result of there ought not to enter antecedently filed data if there are no changes within the past twelve months. If your company details are all precisely the same and you don’t have any changes to report, all you wish to try and do is ‘check and confirm’ the knowledge continued public record and submit the statement.

RR Accountants Company Birmingham, UK restricted by shares or restricted by guarantee (Ltd or Limited) should submit a Confirmation Statement every year. Whether or not a corporation is dormant or active it should still file a Confirmation Statement.

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